Beef Value Chain Forum

Increasing cattle producers' profitability by developing world-class beef products through value addition.

What We Stand For

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a profitable and sustainable value addition in the beef production sector by processing meat products before they are exported.

Our Mission

By focusing on raising weaners to cattle ready for processing for local and export consumption, it becomes a beneficial opportunity for producers as it offers a feasible alternative to the current marketing arrangements.


The Beef Value Chain Forum (BVCF) was established on the 17 November 2020 to address and meet producers’ beef production needs by focusing on exports and quotas. This initiative will additionally provide training, skills and technology transfer to a 150 staff compliment.

BVCF – Membership Drive

How do you like your beef?

Now is the prime opportunity to have a voice in the Namibian Beef Industry.

We invite you to become more than just a shareholder in Savanna Beef Processors by encouraging you to also invest your voice where your BEEF is. The BVCF is a “by the producer for the producer “forum. Producers across Namibia have reached their tipping point and have grown tired of the lack of transparency, limited market access to Norway and the bureaucracy surrounding the export of Namibia’s prime rangeland product, beef. By becoming a Beef Value Chain Forum MEMBER, you become one of the vital links in the chain.

The BVCF is currently being led by formidable Task Force member Mecki Schenider, who is surrounded by industry experts, most of which are producers like yourself, who understand not only the challenges producers face, but also know what they want.