Our Products

Our Naturally Healthy, Hormone and Antibiotic Free Products are coming soon.

Our diverse range of products is so much more than just being beef. They are a culmination of the very best that Namibia’s savannas have to offer, a real taste of the land. They are best prepared, served and savoured by those who have or want to acquire a palate for 100% savanna beef. With the rangelands fulfilling our herd’s nutritional needs one is assured of an organic product which is hormone and antibiotic free making it naturally healthy.Savanna Beef; naturally healthy so you can be healthy naturally.

No Genetically Modified Organisms
Free from antibiotics
Hormone free


Why is Namibian Beef so Respected

Namibian cattle are raised on natural pasture for most of their lives without the use of hormones or routine antibiotics in their rearing. Our cattle are therefore known to be amongst the highest quality in the world, produced naturally to the best standards. Today, consumers worldwide are willing to pay premium prices for this sought-after beef. In comparison, these premium prices are significantly higher than the prices that countries exporting commodity beef can ever attain.